Eliava Media Production ISO CertificateEliava Media Production company is the first ISO certified media production facility in the entire Caucasus region. Its certification was granted by one of the world’s leading certification bodies, SAI Global. EMP was certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company in 2010. Since then it has gone through a series of  internal and external audits that demonstrate compliance. We use more then 500 unique standard procedures to ensure that our culture media products are of the highest quality.

We maintain full traceability of all products through a set of standardized documentation. This helps us ensure that our culture media are of the highest quality. We also retain a sample from every lot which we use to confirm quality and conformity at each stage of the product’s life.

Each standard product that EMP offers is fully tested, verified and validated in our quality control lab. Our products are tested throughout their shelf-life under variable storage conditions using advanced technology to optimize the characteristics of each.

In addition to our standard products we also control the quality of  specialized products. Our objective is to adjust the characteristics of the specialized products to the requirements of our customers by ensuring their highest quality.